Ortom’s Scorecard


And as Governor Ortom completes his 4yr term, we ask,
How well  has Governor Ortom performed?
Ortometer, a  performance tracking platform  measured
Governor Samuel Ortoms’ Performances according to his adopted initiative as captured in the  administrations’ policy  document ‘Our Collective Vision for a New Benue

The document which was put together by a 100+ persons including university scholars also proposed the sum of 200 billion naira over the course of four years (48 months) as the cost of implementation.

And so far, the Government has gotten over N460bn [State & LG FAAC N315bn; Paris Club refund N39bn, IGR N36bn; Loans N69.9bn) as at April 2019 (47 months).

So how do we know if Governor Ortoms’ initiatives have succeeded or failed?

To evaluate Ortom’s Government fairly, then, we adopted a system that we can use to keep track of how effectual his initiatives are.

And we  decided on the metric we’re using to avoid the temptation to cherry-pick data that fits our own biases.

Ortom’s government focused on five areas:

  1. Good Governance and Revenue Security
  2. Agriculture-driven Industrialization
  3. Steam-based Education and Health Services
  4. Investments in Critical Infrastructures
  5. Gender, Women, Youths and Persons with Disabilities

And if most of the initiatives were to be implemented, they would have  a huge and profound impact on improving the living condition of Benue citizens.

What are we looking for? A few guidelines:

  • Outcomes of Ortom’s initiatives as clearly stated in the blueprint.
  • The outcomes must be tangible (anyone can see or access it) and verifiable (anyone can corroborate it).

Ortometer  used one metric: Outcomes that are tangible and verifiable

So we choose 43 initiatives that meet our set metric.

Here is what we found

1. Ortom’s Initiative: Reorganize the Pension Office and address the problems of pensioners at State and Local Government Levels

How Ortometer Measured: Ortometer talked to pensioners to find out if their pension problems are being addressed.

What we found:  Nothing has been done yet as Pensioners are still owed several months pension arrears.

Ortometer verdict


2. Ortom’s Initiative: Create many jobs so as to put our youths back  to work

How Ortometer Measured: Ortometer will identify the many types of jobs created.

What we found:  No available records or evidence to show that many jobs have been created as unemployment is still a huge problem in the state.

Ortometer verdict


3. Ortom’s Initiative: Establish and operationalize Benue State Community Policing System.

How Ortometer Measured: Identify community policing structures in operations

What we found:   A very active and vibrant state vigilante groups and livestock guards is in operation.

Ortometer verdict

4. Ortom’s Initiative: Reposition BIRS for efficient IGR collection

How Ortometer Measured: Track and evaluate IGR reports for improvement.

What we found: Available report from the NBS shows that Benue IGR   steady improved to a record high in 2017 though it slightly declined in 2018, the IGR improvement is a promised fulfilled.

Ortometer verdict

5. Ortom’s Initiative: Reform the Civil Service and lift embargo on employment

How Ortometer Measured: Identify specific civil service reforms and number of people employed as a result of the lift on embargo

What we found: Though a whitepaper has been submitted by a panel on civil service reform but was not implemented. And so no new employment figure has been made available in the civil service due to a lift of embargo.

Ortometer verdict

6. Ortom’s Initiative: Establish Produce Marketing Boards in the State

How Ortometer Measured: Track and identify locations of the marketing boards in the state.

What we found:  No marketing Board offices could be located anywhere in the state.

Ortometer verdict


7. Ortom’s Initiative: Re-vitalize the moribund state-owned, industries through Public-Private Partnership Scheme

How Ortometer Measured: Tracked and identify moribund state owned industries that have been revitalize and made operational.

What we found: The Plastic industry and fertilizer blending plant both are reported to have been revived and expanded. While for the many others, there has been no progress.

Ortometer verdict

8. Ortom’s Initiative: Establish and operationalize new industries in agriculture and solid  minerals sectors through public-private partnership

How Ortometer Measured: Track and locate any  new industry in Agriculture and solid mineral that is operational.

What we found:  There is no new industry either in Agriculture or solid mineral that is in operation anywhere in the state.

Ortometer verdict

9. Ortom’s Initiative: Facilitate the establishment and operationalization of State Farmers and Cooperative Bank (SFCB

How Ortometer Measured: Track and locate the state’s farmers’ Bank

What we found:  No farmer’s Bank established could be located.

Ortometer verdict

10. Ortom’s Initiative: Leverage our rich agriculture by setting up cottage processing units

How Ortometer Measured: Track and locate agriculture cottage processing units in the state.

What we found:   An orange processing centre is reported to have been establish in Lessel Ushongo, with a rice milling plant in Aliade

Ortometer verdict

11. Ortom’s Initiative: Facilitate the establishment and operationalization of independent Micro- Finance Banks

How Ortometer Measured: Tracking and locate the number of micro finance banks established in the state.

What we found:  One state micro finance bank established by the Benue investment and Property  company.

Ortometer verdict

12. Ortom’s Initiative: Establish and operationalize a State Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (SSMEDA) to facilitate the growth of SMEs in the State.

How we will Measure:  Track and locate the State SMEDA.

What we found:  No operational State SMED Agency located.

Ortometer Verdict


13. Ortom’s Initiative: Undertake Continuous renovation of schools and provision of adequate infrastructure classrooms, chairs, tables, teaching aids,libraries, sporting facilities, sanitation facilities, etc.

How Ortometer Measured: Track and identify schools that are been renovated and provided with  classrooms, chairs, tables etc.

What we found:  Several schools across the state are undergoing renovation and are been provided with  desks chairs and tables across the state.

Ortometer verdict

 14. Ortom’s Initiative: Establish three special Secondary Schools where Chinese language will be taught along with other languages

How we will Measure:  Track and locate the new special Secondary schools where Chinese language is taught

What we found: No new special secondary School teaching Chinese language could be found.

Ortometer Verdict

15. Ortom’s Initiative: Establish a Benue State University Fund to which Local Governments shall make monthly statutory contributions.

How we will Measure:  Track and located the Benue university Fund.

What we found: No Benue state university fund has been establish.

  Ortometer Verdict

16. Ortom’s Initiative: Develop a Special Science Teacher Training Scholarship Fund in order to encourage Science teacher education

How we will Measure: Track and identify a Science Teacher Training Scholarship Fund.

What we found: No such scheme found.

Ortometer Verdict

17. Ortom’s Initiative: Introduce student loan schemes for financing education

How we will Measure: Track and identify a student loan scheme.

What we found: No student loan scheme found.

Ortometer Verdict

18. Ortom’s Initiative: Support Schools of Nursing and Health Technology for effective health care manpower development

How we will Measure: Track and identify the support given the school of nursing and health technology.

What we found: Schools of Nursing; Makurdi and Mkar received substantial support as well as the schools of Health technology in Agasha.

Ortometer Verdict

19. Ortom’s Initiative: Revive and ensure the accreditation of the School of Nursing and Midwifery in Makurdi

How we will Measure: Track and establish if the school has been revive and gotten its accreditation

What we found: School has been revived and gotten accreditation and student have since resume.

Ortometer Verdict

20. Ortom’s Initiative: Renovate General hospitals and ensure adequate staffing

How we will Measure:  Track and locate General Hospitals that have been renovated with adequate staff

What we found:   No General Hospital could be found that have been renovated with adequate staff.

  Ortometer Verdict

21. Ortom’s Initiative: Establish a Makurdi Medical City in partnership with foreign investors

How we will Measure: Track and locate the medical city in the state

What we found:  No Medical city could be located anywhere in the state

Ortometer Verdict


22. Ortom’s Initiative: Establish Traffic Regulatory Agency

How we will Measure: Track and locate the TR Agency

What we found: No Traffic Regulatory Agency could be located

Ortometer Verdict

23. Ortom’s Initiative: Invest in power generation to produce 100MW in 4 yrs from the present 12MW under a PPP Scheme

How we will Measure:  Track and locate power generation plants.

What we found:           No power generation plants could be located.

Ortometer Verdict

24. Ortom’s Initiative: Rehabilitate major tarred roads and bridges

How we will Measure: Track and identify major roads and bridges that are been rehabilitated  

What we found:   Some roads in Makurdi township and Gboko are been rehabilitated though Katsina Ala bridge is still in a bad condition just as the horrible state of some major roads Gboko- Aliade, Aliade- Otukpo, Makurdi-Gboko, Gboko-Katsina-Ala  Gboko – Vande-Ikya roads e.t.c still not rehabilitated

Ortometer Verdict

25. Ortom’s Initiative: Dualize Agan–Apir Road

How we will Measure: Track and locate the dualization of the road

What we found:            Agan–Apir  road still not dualized

Ortometer Verdict

26. Ortom’s Initiative: Construct new roads in each Senatorial Zone

How we will Measure: Track and locate new roads been constructed in each senatorial zone

What we found: No new roads been construed could be located in any of the zone

Ortometer Verdict


27. Ortom’s Initiative: Rehabilitate old network of rural feeder roads in each Senatorial Zone

How we will Measure: Track and locate rural and feeder roads been rehabilitated

What we found:   Quite a number of feeder roads are been rehabilitated in each of the zones

Ortometer Verdict

28. Ortom’s Initiative: Construct new network of rural feeder roads in each Senatorial Zone

How we will Measure: Track and identify new rural feeder roads being constructed

What we found: Quite a number of feeder roads are been constructed

Ortometer Verdict

29. Ortom’s Initiative: Construct a 50 km Makurdi East Toll Bypass Road (Daudu-Makurdi Island Bridge- Ikpayongo) under PPP

How we will Measure: Track and locate where the road is been constructed

What we found:   No such road has been constructed

Ortometer Verdict

30. Ortom’s Initiative: Construct new urban roads in Makurdi, Kastina-Ala, Vandeikya, Oju, Gboko, Otukpo, and others in the State

How we will Measure:  Track and locate new urban roads.

What we found:  We could identified a new urban road in Makurdi: the 24km Mobile Police Barracks –Adeke – Welfare Quarters – Yaiko – Apir Road Junction. but in other locations Gboko, Vande-ikya and Katsina Ala no new roads constructed.

Ortometer Verdict

31. Ortom’s Initiative: Establish a functional airport in Makurdi

How we will Measure:  Track and locate a functional Airport

What we found:  No newly established functional Airport could be found anywhere in Makurdi.

Ortometer Verdict

32. Ortom’s Initiative: Establish Otukpo-Gboko-Zaki-Biam light rail; and then Gboko-Makurdi light rail (with Gboko as a hub) under a PPP Scheme

How we will Measure: Track and locate the light rail routes.

What we found:  No established light rail route found.

Ortometer Verdict

33. Ortom’s Initiative: Build three dams (in each) in the three senatorial zones

How we will Measure:  Track and locate built dams in each of the senatorial zones.

What we found:  No newly built dam could be located anywhere in the three senatorial zones.

Ortometer Verdict

34. Ortom’s Initiative: Establish Benue Information Technology Development Agency (BITDA)

How we will Measure: Track and Locate the BITDA

What we found:  No BITDA estbalished anywhere

Ortometer Verdict

35. Ortom’s Initiative: Provide New urban housing layouts in every LGA Headquarters

How we will Measure: Track and locate any new Urban housing layouts in every LGA headquarters

What we found: No New Urban Housing layouts could be located anywhere in the 23 LGA headquaters

Ortometer Verdict

36. Ortom’s Initiative: Create two sites and services for mass housing in each senatorial district

How we will Measure: Track and Locate sites for Mass Housing in each of the senatorial districts.

What we found:  No sites meant for mass housing could be located any of the zones.

Ortometer Verdict

37. Ortom’s Initiative: Embark on a robust PPP Scheme to rebuild the abandoned tourist sites

How we will Measure: Track and locate tourist sites been built

What we found:    No tourist site has been rebuilt

Ortometer Verdict

38. Ortom’s Initiative: Construct Model Integrated Rural Community Settlement in the TIV Senatorial Zones

How we will Measure: Track and locate where an Integrated Rural Community settlement model has been constructed,

 What we found: No model Rural Community settlement has been constructed anywhere in Tiv senatorial district,

Ortometer Verdict


39. Ortom’s Initiative: Establish Business Development Fund for Women

How we will Measure:  Track the operations of an establish Women Development Fund.

What we found:  No women development fund has been establish.

Ortometer Verdict

40. Ortom’s Initiative: Establish Family Courts to drive the implemen-tation of the Benue State Child Rights Act of 2011.

How we will Measure:  Track and locate establish Family Courts in the state.

What we found:  No family courts have been establish

Ortometer Verdict

41. Ortom’s Initiative: Provide modern Sporting Centres at all the LGAs to identify and nurture talents in sporting events with comparative advantage in the State.

How we will Measure: Track and locate modern sporting centres in all the 23 LGs.

What we found:  No modern sporting centres located in any of the 23 LGAs

Ortometer Verdict

42. Ortom’s Initiative: At least 35% Women in appointive, elective, and decision-making positions.

How we will Measure:
 We will do a head count of women heading top decision making position in MDAs.

What we found:   The headcount reveal that very few women are holding decision making positions in the state far less than the 35% benchmark.

Ortometer Verdict

43.  Ortom’s Initiative: Increase Youth access to the Agricultural Credit Financing Scheme.

How we will Measure:    Track and identify an established Youth Agriculture credit financing scheme.

What we found:  No existing  youth Agriculture credit financing scheme.

Ortometer Verdict


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