6 out of every 10 children (6-16yrs) living in Benue state are illiterates – NEDS 2015 Report


The report of the 2015 National Education Data survey NEDS published by the National Bureau of Statistics, shows that the literacy level among children age between 6-16yrs living in Benue state is 38.2% which leaves the remaining over 60% as illiterates.

According to the 2015 NEDS report, the literacy level for children living in the urban area is much higher (66%), but it’s the low level of literacy (35.7%) amongst children in the rural areas (where a significant percentage of the state population lives) that brings about the dismal figure.

The report further shows that the level of illiteracy is even worst among the parents as only 26.6% of the parents are literate which implies that 7 out of every 10 parent living in Benue state are illiterates.

About 54% of schools  available to the school age population in Benue state are government owned.

The NBS 2016 population projection indicates that those in the age bracket of 6-16yrs make up 26% of the country’s population.




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