What’s happening to the LG share of the Federal Allocations collected in 2017?


Between January and December 2017, the 23 local governments of Benue state received about 36 billion naira as its share of the federal allocation to fund its developmental projects and maintenance of its workforce.

But sadly, local government staffs and their primary school teachers are owed salaries of several months.

The question is why?

The Nigerian government financial system operates a structure where funds flow to the three systems of government from what is termed the FEDERATION ACCOUNT which serves as the central pocket through which our Governments – Federal, State, and Local Government – fund developmental projects as well as maintain their respective workforce.

The state of certain infrastructures in most of the local governments across the state is appalling given the funds the successive state governments have collected on behalf of the local governments over the years.

So for all the 23 local governments in Benue what happened to these money collected or rather what is happening to the local government funds collected?



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